Are you feeling helpless and hopeless, do you feel nothing will get better?

Do you feel tired, sluggish and that you have no energy?

Do you feel worthless, guilty and often criticize yourself harshly?

Do you feel angry or irritable, and everyone gets on your nerves?

Have you lost interest in daily activities?

Do you have trouble making decisions and concentrating?

Are you constantly having negative thoughts?

Have you lost your appetite or can’t stop eating?

Are you consuming more alcohol than normal or engaging in reckless behavior?


Do you like you are dealing with more that you can handle?

Do you find yourself over-indulging such as: eating, drinking, shopping or gambling?

Are you experiencing excessive physical pain i.e. shoulders, neck or headaches?

Are you having trouble making decisions?

Do you feel that you have too many thoughts going on at once/lacking clarity?