Do you have a new baby and want to give him/her all the love you have?

Are you looking for the right gift for an expecting parent?

This unique program helps to strengthen the relationship between parents and infants, creates a fun and joyous time, helps babies with nutrient flow, digestion, sleep, relaxation and wires babies’ brain for health interpersonal relationships!

Our First Play© Certified Practitioner is here to help you and your loved ones achieve the benefits Call us to learn more 305-936-8000

Is your baby fussy and colicky?

To bring calm, first you have to possess it. We are here to empower you to feel, calm, think, act and reflect so that you can connect with your self and your child.

Wondering if your infant/toddler is on the right track?

We can conduct developmental questionnaires to assess any needs that your child might have, provide services to help you support your child’s growth and link you with appropriate referrals .Is your toddler having frequent and exhausting meltdowns? Want to learn your child’s language?

Is your child having trouble listening and following directions?

When there is connection, there is more cooperation on the child’s part. Since play is the natural language of children and toys are their words, our specialists are here to decipher the language of play so that you can better connect with your child.

Are you a parent experiencing post-partum depression? The most important relationship children have is with their parents. Parenting comes naturally, however, doing it differently than how we experienced it, takes work. If you want to understand how your childhood shaped you and how is shaping  your relationship with your child, we are here shine a light and to lead you into th journey of healing and mindful parenting