Marriage/Couples Counseling

Do you have Difficulty Communicating?  Lost feelings of  Intimacy?
Do you sometimes fell like giving up on your relationship?
Are you looking for ways to avoid each other, sometimes spending more time with the kids?
Is drinking or addiction causing issues in your relationship?

Are you consistently fighting, or not talking at all?
Are you ready to let go of past issues and start anew?

Are you feeling helpless and alone in knowing how to repair you relationship?

Are you having Communication Difficulties?

Do you find yourself walking in egg shells with your partner?
Do you feel more alone with your partner than with yourself?
Trouble resolving your difficulties?
Are you afraid to bring up issues with your partner?
Do you feel neglected with your feelings?

Is giving love easy but receiving love hard for you?

Do you feel uncomfortable when your partner says “I love you” and also expects to hear it back?
Do feel uncomfortable allowing or expecting your partner to comfort you?
Is sex and intimacy missing from the relationship?

Our Mission: We help couples learn to communicate, bring the magic back and have a passionate connection.

Learn your  5 Love Languages.
Learn to listen and be heard. ( Imago Therapy)
Put Joy, Fun and Laughter back in your relationship and life ( The John Gottman Approach)