Meet Dawn Lifton MA Ed, MS, MBA – Personal Finance & Life Coach 

Over the past 10 years, Dawn has helped adolescents and adults to accomplish their goals and find a sense of balance in their lives. Her professional experience, teaching in public schools and working for large corporations, combined with her personal experience of overcoming obstacles and learning to cultivate loving and harmonious relationships, has given her insight and strategies that she now shares with others through her coaching. Dawn’s encouragement motivates her clients to identify their goals and helps them to succeed and live lives that are personally fulfilling.

Dawn specializes in the following areas:

Codependency & Living with Addiction

  • Learn to take care of yourself and live peacefully even when faced with a loved one’s illness or addiction.
  • Recover from your ‘need to please’.

Education (Children, Teens & Adults)

  • Improve your study skills & time management
  • Reduce your test taking anxiety

Financial Freedom & Living within Your Means

  • Spend and save your money more consciously
  • Create a realistic spending plan

Goal Planning & Implementation

  • Define, plan and achieve your goals
  • Learn to organize and manage your time

Relationships & Communication

  • Communicate more effectively in your personal and business relationships
  • Work with your partner to enhance verbal intimacy skills