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Dr. Arvon is the Owner/Director of Arvon and Associates in Counseling with offices throughout South Florida. She is also the Director of Behavioral Medicine & Wellness at the world renown Pritikin Longevity Center & Spa

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About Dr. Arvon

Dr. Coral Arvon is a Relationship Expert. Whether a couple, parent/child, business associate or alone seeking meaningful relationships ...


Arvon & Associates specialize in Marriage Counseling, Relationship Therapy, Anxiety, Depression, Fears, Performance Anxiety ...

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The professional staff includes psychologists, psychotherapists,  mental health therapists, marriage and family therapists ...



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Sexless In Miami

INTERESTING NEWS: IF YOU’RE IN A SEXLESS MARRIAGE LIVING IN THE SEXIEST OF CITIES, YOU HAPPEN TO BE IN GOOD COMPANY So, you thought the same Miami heat that brings on an endless parade of scantily clad men and women on any given day would have a trickle down effect on Miamian marriages. Miamians are…

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Parents of Teens: Stop Pulling Out Your Hair!

4 Strategies to Start Implementing Today to Achieve Better Communication with Your Teen I get A LOT of calls from parents of adolescents who are confused, at the end of their rope and don’t know what else to try with their teens. Let’s get real. Being the parent of a teenager is H_A_R_D. Rest assured…

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Is the romance in my relationship a thing of the past? Taking a closer look at intimacy

By: Paola Rodriguez LMHC   Is the romance in my relationship a thing of the past? Many couples come to therapy with the common concern of losing the passionate spark that was once abundant in their relationship. Often they ask “What now? Will we ever go back to being the way we were?” It is an…

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Communication in Romantic Relationships

By Michelle Ingrosso M.S.Ed. Language is how we connect in our relationships and social lives.  We use it to seduce, argue, and to propose and confirm a marriage. Language is what allows us to interact with others, allows us to convey ideas, influence the mental states, and behavior of others. Within our romantic relationships, we…

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Managing Emotional Eating

By Daniela Romano L.M.H.C What is Emotional Eating? Emotional eating, which is also known as binge eating, corresponds to the tendency of overeating when not physically hungry in response to emotions such as sadness, stress, anxiety or boredom. According to the DSM- 5, binge eating disorder is associated with three or more of the following…

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"Our Divorce"

Our Divorce and Our Children

By Ronit Horowitz Ph D, L.M.F.T Our children are the most sacred part of our lives. From the moment they are born, our lifelong mission becomes to protect them, guide them, and fill their lives with infinite joy. During a divorce, however, their joy is—at times—shattered …and their world is completely changed. Our mission, as…

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