Laurie Rudnet

Dr. Arvon - You are priceless! I am so grateful for you, your help, your advice, it's everything! It's so hard to find good doctors, both physical and mental help. Finding you 24 years ago, going in blind, was winning the Powerball for me!! Thank you is an understatement to what you and your work has meant to me. You saved my life!! You are a rarity and a gift to this world! You should only know just how special you are. Your therapy, you go in deep, over and beyond everything, is the extra mile. You are a hero in today's world. You are very needed and an essential and important therapist. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for before and especially now! I wish I could help or pay it forward in the magnitude that you do and you do it all in the name of peace, kindness and love from your heart and knowledge selflessly day in and day out! You are one of a kind and a special gift from God. This I have never seen in anyone before I met you. I'm blessed and thankful for all of your unconditional hard work that you put in, it speaks volumes!

Talia Sandola

Dr. Arvon is sincere, compassionate, engaged and professional. She has a true gift for what she does. I stumbled upon her information during a very difficult time in my life, and she told me to '...give her and hour to shower and get to the office and she would meet with me...'. Since our first session, she has been just as attentive, and available. I highly recommend Dr. Arvon and have nothing but wonderful things to say about her.

Diana Susi

Dr. Arvon is by far the best therapist I have ever encountered. She is very caring and a great listener. I would highly recommend Dr. Arvon to anyone who needs consoling in their life.

Cindy Boulger

I went to Dr.Arvon and her staff with a skeptical feeling but after hypnosis I am 100% smoke free! I feel better I'm happier and my family is glad the smell is gone too ! A month in and not going back ! THANK YOU!!

Frislaine Julmiste

Dr.Croal Arvin and Associates are very professional. My therapist Edwina made me feel comfortable to talk to her about my life taking tumultuous turn. It as though I was talking to my girlfriend, but professional. They made it easy for me and family. Their service is A+. I would and have recommended their services to anyone that asked.

Rosa Weiss

My experience with Dr. Coral Arvon and Associates was amazing. The staff are professional, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful. They helped me get through my depression after a divorce. I highly recommend their services.

Steven Kruss

I have participated in many therapy sessions throughout the years, and not one has come close to the effectiveness and precision of Dr. Coral Arvon. I am still blown away. So much was accomplished in one hour. My daughter and I learned to talk to each other from the heart, not only the mind. Dr. Arvon taught us how to really convey our thoughts, feelings, and emotions in a clear, results oriented manner. The results were immediate, even though it takes time and practice. My daughter and I now have "a new pair of glasses." Thank you for this precious gift, Dr. Arvon. Respect! Highly recommend.

Shannon Spence

I’ve done EMDR sessions with Dr. Arvon to overcome some of my childhood traumas and my results have been amazing. My confidence level has gone up and I feel much better about myself. Having a great counselor who is easy to connect with is very important. Dr.Arvon and associates is a well experienced office who cares about their patients. If you’re looking to improve your confidence and overcome some of your personal issues this is the place for you.

Cindy J.

The staff at Arvon and associates are the kindest, most knowledgeable caring people I've ever met ! The office manager Kristin is beyond compassionate and amazing. If it wasn't for her I would have just lost it right then and there, she talked with me walked me through making an appointment and put me at ease! I wish I could call and thank Kristin and my therapist Melanie every day. Together they saved me completely breaking down !! Thank you

Thomas F.

I've had a oppertunity to visit with Dr. Coral Arvon and I have nothing but great thing to say about my time with her and with her offices. I've always experienced open communication and upto date inforamtion. I've been treated kindly, patiently, and with understanding. Sometime I will be running late and I've always been able to reach them to inform them, same thing if I've needed to reschedule. From their end, they have always kept their word with me, never flase lead me, and always had me in mind. I recommend them highly and its goes without saying that Dr. Arvon is the consumate professional.

Rocco V. Fort Lauderdale, FL

It's difficult to find someone who I can open up too and discuss my issues I've come to accumulate over the years. Maria has been an absolute motivational Life Coaching Therapist to help me address my every day stress in a unique way I never imagined I would ever achieve alone. A sincere thank you for all that we have accomplished together!

Klaudi K. Miami Lakes, FL

La Dra María ha sido una excelente ayuda para mi hija, es impresionante su interés en ayudarla y en como mi hija es feliz cada que sale de su consulta.

Catalina H. Hollywood, FL

My therapist Maria has been great!!!! She has help me in all aspects of my life and has teach me to see the blessing that I have every day brings.  She is a great person and a therapist.

Marysol P. Pompano Beach, FL

I feel very grateful that I find Maria Puentes! She's a Blessing in my life...very compassionate smart, sincere and help me very effectively, since I star my therapy a year ago.. She's a incredible human being, best therapist and life coaching you can get.

Sandy B. Miami, FL

Dr. Maria Puentes is superb!! I'm so glad I found her. She's is a great listener, compassionate, and has really helped me.

Marcus P. Miami, FL

Dr. Arvon was so helpful. Her staff was wonderful. Never thought i could feel so good about myself but Dr. Arvon made it happen. Waiting time was almost nonexistant. 10/10 would recommend to any friend.

Frank L. Miami, FL

I have had an opportunity to watch Dr. Coral Arvon interact and positively change people's lives in a very short period of time.  Topics have ranged from discussions the damage irrational thinking can cause to practical tips which clients have said changed their lives. A number of people have shared how much they enjoy working with her.  She brings knowledge from a long successful career of working with dynamic people from around the globe.

Anonymous A. Hollywood, FL

Incredible atmosphere, Dr. Arvon is amazing as well as her associates. I had the pleasure to meet her associates and they were all well educated and insightful. And the Ladies from the office are very friendly and warm

Betsy C. Hollywood, FL

Truly amazing, I feel better and enlighten every time after a session with Dr. Arvon.


Dr. Coral Arvon is an intelligent, insightful, experienced, renown psychologist/life coach. I have known her for over a decade. Her lectures, as well as her sessions in person or face time have changed my life. Her advice is always on point. Why? Because she has seen and heard everything and knows what to do. I know people in and out of the United States that specifically come to Florida just to hear her lecture or make an appointment with her with a ton of positive feedback. Speak to her just once and it will change your life!!!

Tampa, Florida


Dr. Coral is an excellent professional. She has been an important guide in my personal growth. Her insights and wisdom are spot on. My favorite part after every session is the warm and reassuring hug from Dr. Coral. Her office is cozy, easy to find, with friendly staff where you are made to feel a priority.  I am forever grateful to Dr. Coral for the lessons and for helping me be a better version of myself. Life's too short to not live to your highest potential.

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