Dr Coral Arvon


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During my many years of work with couples I have learned that Connecting is the most important ingredient. Learning how to cross over the miraculous bridge to each others worlds is truly the journey to having a safe, trusting, vulnerable relationship. This is only when one person can learn to validate the other to have deep love and respect for one another. Using The Arvon Method™, couples can learn to “keep the love” and deepen it and Singles can learn to “find the love” they desire.

For Individuals, as well as couples we must be able to learn to express sadness, anger, fear and of course joy to fully be totally free.

Changing Lifestyles is about creating a healthy body and mind.

Through Cognitive – Behavior therapy you can learn to think differently. To perceive the world in a rational- optimistic way. To stop needless worrying!

Without this shift in thoughts, beliefs and perceptions we cannot move forward. You can get off this chaotic circular wheel of confusion. A direction to nowhere and start to live life fully!