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Noelle Villanueva, LMFT

I am a South Florida-based Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist helping individuals, couples and families enhance their most important relationships. Having been a lifelong believer in therapy, I know firsthand how important it can be to have support when it comes to our mental well-being.
I grew up in a divorced household, navigating the challenges of a blended family. I am Swiss-American and was raised in both Switzerland and America. I lost my mother to suicide in my twenties. As a wife and a mother of two boys I have faced the challenge of a highly stressful Wall Street career while navigating motherhood. It has given me an appreciation for the unique challenges women face in today’s society.
Bachelor of Arts in Accounting/Finance and minor in Psychology from Tulane University
Masters in Marriage and Family therapy from Nova
Bowen Training
CBT Training
Languages spoken:
English, Swiss, and German.

My Approach:
Relationships are complex and I often hear that it takes two to repair an unhealthy dynamic, however, we can also create the change we desire just by changing oneself.
When I am working with individuals, couples or an entire family system, I focus on educating the client on their family system and the generational attributes that have been carried down over generations. Together we will look at what patterns play a part in the breakdown of our relationships and foster new, clear and healthy forms of communication.

Together, we will work to identify concerns, goals and beliefs and achieve growth and insight. My approach is interactive, solution oriented and supportive. I challenge client’s perceptions and assumptions in order to get them unstuck. I believe challenging times can be the catalyst for personal growth and lead to a more meaningful and positive way forward.

I respect my clients’ unique stories and offer compassion and support while providing a safe environment to cope with life’s challenges.