I’m excited to launch another niche of mental health services to clients who may be perfectly situated to benefit from … Life Coaching!

Life Coaching

“Life Coaching” is a term that encompasses professional help that is geared toward providing a trained listening ear along with directive suggestions and tools to assist a client who wants help figuring out what their passions are, how they may want to structure their next career steps, or why it’s important to clarify goals as they move forward to new dimensions of fulfillment and happiness in their lives.

Candidates for Life Coaching

You may have irritating internal roadblocks that keep you trapped in an unfulfilling career, or perhaps you need to better assess the habits you’ve developed and determine if they are working for you or against you. Or you might need a little help determining your personal vision and mission, and then setting strategic goals to achieve those. You could benefit from having a professional Life Coach hold you accountable for striking out on a march to reach those goals.

Life Coaching is for people who are in a phase of life where you are not really seeking mental health therapeutic intervention – you just need a bit of an assist to get you “over the hump” on a difficult decision, or you want to learn a new process for moving ahead on your life. We all have times in our lives when we just can’t seem to “find the juice” that kicks us that one step forward that breaks us through into the next dimension of our life’s journey.

That’s when my Life Coaching with the Arvon Method can help!

I am a fully trained, certified, licensed mental health professional, and all of my associates are, as well. We daily provide therapeutic interventions ranging from simple to complex for clients who require this type of assistance – AND we also love to work with clients who are interested in Life Coaching.

Qualifications of a Life Coach

If you’ve been thinking about finding a Life Coach, a Career Coach, an Executive Coach, a Relationship Coach – any type of personal or developmental coach – you should know that these terms do not have much consensus of meaning in the current climate across the nation. In fact, currently in Florida, anyone who wants to can simply decide to call themselves a “Life Coach” and open a Life Coaching business.  They may, of course, work to educate themselves at various levels on the topic, but it’s not required at all by law, since there is no licensing category or licensure process for this field. It’s important to do serious research on a Life Coach’s background and preparation for Coaching in order to make the best decision for your own Coaching needs.

My Qualifications and the Qualifications of my Associates –  for Life Coaching

  • I recommend that you consult with me and/or my associates for your Life Coaching needs.

When you call my office to schedule an appointment with me or an Associate for Life Coaching, you can be assured that we are all:

  1. Trained as both a therapist and as a Life Coach
  2. Licensed and certified as a mental health professional
  3. Trained with years of graduate-level coursework under their belt
  4. Approved after hundreds of hours of observation as we practiced our therapeutic intervention processes
  5. Approved after hundreds of hours discussing our cases with a long-term therapist to make sure we are clear about the assistance we are providing and that’s it’s the best option for each given client
  6. Well-educated on mental health conditions, and prepared to notice if a Life Coaching client may actually be dealing with a mental health condition like anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Clinical Depression, Borderline personality Disorder, ADD or ADHD, etc. We will know what steps to take to get the proper level of help for such clients.
  7. Aware of recent research and clearly cognizant of best practices for helping clients move toward healthy changes that will benefit their lives

Ethical Guidelines

  • Without any national or Florida-defined boundaries/policies/procedures for Life Coaching, no ethical guidelines are sanctioned or enforced in this field.
  • However, as mental health professionals, my associates and I are very clear about and committed to the ethical guidelines that govern the therapist/client relationship – and we will maintain those guidelines in a Life Coach/client relationship, as well. We understand it’s important to keep confidentiality, properly conduct therapy or Coaching sessions in safe spaces, and not blur the lines by counseling or Coaching close friends or family members.

Need a Life Coach? We can help! Call to schedule your appointment

Move forward in your life, both personally and in your career. I hope you will come work with me and other professionals at Dr. Coral Arvon and Associates!

You will enjoy the special perks of our Life Coaching – Self-Pay Program:

  • Quick Results!
  • No insurance reports or records needed – this program is self-pay
  • Your Coaching is completely 100% confidential