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Florencia Salinas, M.S., RMHC, IMH17775

Florencia Salinas is a Registered Mental Health Counseling Intern. Ms. Salinas completed her practicum and internship at the Faulk Center for Counseling where she conducted individual and group therapy for children, adolescents, and adults for individuals presenting with mood and anxiety disorders, personality disorders, obsessive-compulsive and related disorders, trauma and stressor related disorders, disruptive, impulse-control, and conduct disorders.

Florencia attained a true clinical growth experience as she co-led a weekly dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) group. In her work, she has assisted adults struggling with personality pathologies such as borderline personality disorder, bipolar disorder, as well as suicidality, trauma, relationship difficulties, social, performance, and general anxiety, and substance abuse. In this experience, Florencia looked to help her clients explore different ways to better manage their emotions, relationship difficulties, and distress tolerance, as well as incorporate mindfulness techniques to develop new coping mechanisms better tailored to their current needs.

Likewise, Florencia co-led an anger management group as well as emotion regulation groups, which focused on providing alternative techniques to better manage their anger, anxiety and depression, by regulating their emotions, stress levels, and building relationships using cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapies.

Florencia has provided care for the senior population through support groups, maintaining a client-centered focus in a nonjudgmental environment. She gained further experience in the field while co-leading a school psychotherapy group through a school preventative counseling program for young children (ages 6-10). In her role, she looked to help the children decrease problematic behaviors, improve social skills, problem-solving and conflict-resolution skills, as well as helping them increase their sense of autonomy, and self-esteem.

Florencia has worked effectively with clients from diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds, as well as a wide age range. As a Bilingual English/Spanish-speaking clinician, Florencia understands the importance of respecting cultural barriers, and the sensitivity behind this role when exploring client difficulties. In her practice, she is committed to providing an accepting, non-judgmental environment in which the person feels comfortable to speak freely about what may be troubling them, and looks forward to helping the individual reach a greater, more accepting and understanding view of themselves, their experiences, and others as well.