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  1. SLOW, DEEP BREATHING- Take slow and deep breaths, in through the nose for four seconds and out through the mouth for four seconds, four times total. This kind of breathing assists in slowing our heart rate, our minds, and our anxious thoughts.
  2. DRAW/WRITE ABOUT YOUR FEELING- Drawing your Anxiety or writing about your Anxiety in a journal can be an efficient way to release it. It’s also a great way to vent and healthily express yourself!
  3. GET OUTSIDE- Getting some fresh, outside air, some sun, combined with physical activity such as walking or going for a bike ride, can increase those happy feelings and decrease those anxious/negative ones!
  4. CALL/ CHAT WITH A TRUSTED LOVED ONE- Talking to or calling a parent, a close friend, or an immediate family member can instantly help us feel connected, happier, and less anxious. Vent it out by talking about your Anxiety and what is bothering you!
  5. PRACTICE MINDFULNESS- Practicing a grounding technique called “5-4-3-2-1 Mindfulness” can help lower our Anxiety and focus us back to the present moment. Anxiety may leave us ruminating on the past or stuck on thoughts about the future. This activity involves naming five things you can see with your eyes, four things you can feel with your hands, three things you can hear with your ears, two things you can smell with your nose, and one thing you can taste with your mouth!
  6. PRACTICE YOUR FAVORITE HOBBY- Whether it be basketball, dance, running, or arts and crafts, practicing your favorite hobby can boost your mood and positivity and decrease negativity. It can also help distract us from our Anxiety!
  7. THINK HAPPY THOUGHTS- Easier said than done, right?! Try your best to battle every negative thought that pops up in your mind with a positive thought. Sometimes we cannot
    control the first thought that comes to our minds, but we CAN control the second thought that we allow to follow that first thought.
  8. IMAGINE YOUR HAPPIEST AND SAFEST PLACE- Imagine the place that makes you feel all the warm and fuzzy feelings, including the feeling of safety. It can be a place that you have been before or a place from your imagination! How do you feel when you’re there? What does this place look like? How does it smell?
  9. LISTEN TO MUSIC- Listening to your favorite jams, on even the darkest of days, is a total and instant mood booster! Calm music, party music, you name it! A little dance move or two can’t hurt either. A relaxing, guided meditation can also be very helpful for Anxiety (there are a bunch of free YouTube videos for these as well!).
  10. EXPOSURE TO HUMOR- Laughing and smiling releases endorphins (feel-good hormones) that work to combat stress and Anxiety. Watch your favorite hysterical show, talk to your favorite funny friend, or listen to your favorite knee-slapping podcast! “Laughter is the best medicine.”

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