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Agree to be inspired

This is my first foray into the realm of private practice, and I’m amazed at my capacity to love my fellow human beings. I suppose it is like a mother who births a child and learns a love beyond anything she’s ever experienced before, and perhaps then, if she has another child, she’s bewildered by […]

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Sleeping Problems / Maybe Anxiety ?

Thoughts buzzing around in your head is the leading cause of not getting to sleep on time. And the more you think about the fact you are not getting to sleep on time, the wider awake you will likely become. In fact, some studies have shown the new devices meant to track your sleep tend

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Counseling, Psychotherapy Gets Results!

By Alexia Touboul L.M.H.C       Detaching From the Stigma of Seeking Counseling: Why Asking for Help is Healthy and Totally Worth It   Today’s society has come a long way; in just a few decades, people have become more accepting and open-minded to difference, change, and progress. However, it seems like the concept

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Stop The Anxiety, Six Tips To a Healthier Mind

By Coral Arvon, PhD, LMFT, LCSW In my seminars at Pritikin Longevity Center, I remind our guests that there’s another important component to healthy living, it’s having a healthy mind. When we’re able to reduce the stress in our lives and  cope with disturbing feelings we can stop the anxiety. We’re often more successful at sustaining our healthy

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