With a passion towards connecting with others, Chloe Godward, M.S. Ed MFT, places emphasis on bettering the lives of those she interacts with. She believes that through this connection, individuals are able to grow and create the best versions of themselves, regardless of the concerns they face. Client’s have described Chloe as caring, mindful, genuine, honest, trustworthy, warm, and uplifting.


As a Master’s level clinician, graduating from the University of Miami, Chloe has experience in a wide range of clinical sites such as schools, eating disorder clinics, rehabs, and trauma centers, which have led her to become the eclectic therapist she is today.  As a Hispanic therapist, Chloe has an appreciation for the challenges faced by cultural minorities. She is able to offer a variety of therapeutic interventions, in both English and Spanish, to assist in an array of presenting problems the client may be struggling with. Those mental health issues include anxiety, depression, eating disorders, trauma, personality disorders, major life changes, relationship distress, and more. Her successful work with clients from all age ranges demonstrates her ability to accommodate to the client’s needs.


Looking to feel heard? Contact the office and ask for Chloe.